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A Baker's Dozen of Facts:
(in completely random order)
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1. I met my husband when we were 14 and 15. It was a completely random meeting that could have only been planned by a divine being. We met at Mt. Vernon near Washington, D.C. and neither of us lived there. We wrote to each other for three years and had our second face to face meeting at 17 and 18. We were already in love.
2. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18 but I passed my test on the first try.
3. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and we even have doorstop that looks like Toto.

4. I swam for a USS swim team in high school. "My" event was the 1500 freestyle. I didn't set any records or light the pool on fire but my mad swimming skillz have resulted in several awesome jobs.

5. I wrote Fan Fiction before fan fiction was a thing. I penned several novels based off Disney's Beauty and the Beast. (Smart girl gets the guy with the awesome library?! Yes, please!) Sadly, those books ended up in the recycle bin, victims of a pre-move purge.

6. It's said that more people fear public speaking over dying. I'm afraid of neither.

7. I spent ages 13-18 living in Asia and the Pacific thanks to the US Air Force. Bette Midler and I graduated from the same high school (at different times). I think this makes us besties.

8. I love all things pumpkin, although I will admit that the craving for pumpkin ice cream in 2008 was just... weird. Conversely, I think the combination of mint and chocolate in any form is an abomination.

9. I have an unholy addiction to unsweet iced tea.

10. Sonic Happy Hour is the best time of the day and all other opinions are wrong.

11. My husband nicked our children "The Herd" because we had four in less than six years. They're our own little herd of kids who can turn any sound into The Imperial March. We even have a theme song.

12. I completely rock the car dancing thing. Completely. I could totally be on Dancing with the Stars if there was a "car dancing in the car pool line" event.

13. Almost every night, I exhibit a healthy disregard for the next day and stay up late reading. I should say I regret it. I don't.

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