Friday, April 24, 2015

On the Deck: springtime reading

I set my goal to read 50 books this year. It's not going so hot. By the time I get home in the evening, all I want to do is sleep! I swear I get a better workout on the deck than the kids who are swimming!

It's slow going but here's some books we've read recently and loved. Please note all links are affiliate links.

Mom (Me!)

This is one of the few (two, I think) books authorized by Margret Mitchell's estate. While I find parts of it hard to follow- lots of people have the same or similar names- it's an enjoyable story about how Mammy came to live with the O'Hara's. You also learn more about Scarlett's extended family; specifically her mother and grandmother.

This book is so, so well written. Scotland is its own character in the story and even minor characters are well developed. I do have some trouble caring about the main character, Claire, but that's probably because she is so true to her time. It wouldn't have been true to the time(s) she lives in to make her a headstrong feminist who refused to do some of the things she did. Oh, and while the TV show is smutty (good but smut) the book isn't. However, if you can handle or fast forward through some of the more graphic scenes, the TV show is worth your time!

You also need to go over to WaldenMommy for a guest post about this book and then READ IT.

Eleven Year Old Boy:

 I told him to hurry up and finish these so I can read them!

Nine Year Old Girl:

 She's working her way through the entire series and loves them. They combine history and animal rights with fictional stories about brave dogs. It's pretty cool!

Six and Five Year Old Boys:

 If you haven't read Pete the Cat, you need too! The pictures are cute and the text if fun and easy to read. There is also a seris of easy readers that my six year old loves. The Little Duck was a favorite of mine when I was little and there's a whole slew of books about animals (goat, pig, sheep, kitten, puppy) that kids enjoy. My bird watchers are into it, and the Nat.Geo Bird guide. The pictures are bright, the text is easy enough for kids to read but isn't dumbed down. We keep it on our kitchen table to match the birds outside with the pictures in the book.

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