Sunday, December 7, 2014

SSS: A little more than six!

A little more than six sentences today. The main character's birthday is on Christmas because, well, why not? And what would be the biggest problems with a Christmas birthday? Joint gifts!

“Oh, did someone say heels?” asked my sister’s voice. I turned and looked at Lizzie, who was standing in the doorway, peeling off her gloves. Leaning over my shoulder, she scanned the list, her eyes lighting up. “Formal dresses! Emma, please let me take you shopping!”
“Tell you what,” I said suddenly, handing her the list, “surprise me.” 
“Consider it a birthday gift,” I said with a wave of my hand. “You love this stuff and I’m too busy to take off and go shopping. Get me whatever I need and what will look good on me. Dress, shoes, earrings, whatever. Go crazy. Call it my birthday and Christmas gift.”

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