Sunday, November 23, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday

Over on Tumblr, some FanFic writers have an event going called Six Sentence Sunday, where you post six sentences from your work in progress. It's a fun idea and really makes me ready to read new chapters from their works! (Yeah, yeah, I read FanFiction.)

I'm considering Until Then a WIP because it is unpublished and I am editing some scenes. Here's one from Chapter Two:

I wanted to write and the only way to write, really write, to create books that could cause people to sit on the couch and neglect their children, was to move away. Visas were hard to come by so the month after I turned sixteen, I marched down to the judicial offices and applied. My father was livid with rage when he found out, yelling at me over dinner as Fred smirked at me, the rest of my siblings hiding in the living room as a war raged on in the kitchen.
“Emma Mary Culkin! What makes you think you can do this?”
“I’m sixteen!” I shot back. “I’m legal.  I could quit secondary school now if I wanted and…”
“Don’t you dare quit school!” he yelled.

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