Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Um, I'd like Word please.

A year ago, I got a new to me computer that was a complete and utter lemon. I couldn't even make lemonade out of that sucker. I asked DH for a new one because a writer's gotta have her Microsoft Word and internet connection. (And no way was I fighting with my kids for their computer. I think he keys are glued down with a substance NASA would have liked to have gotten ahold of.) Engineer Husband ponied up for my birthday and I have a lurvley new computer with a fancy touch screen. It's so lightweight, which is perfect because I do much of my writing on the go. (I'm beginning to feel like a commercial here. I digress.)

Of course, since it is brand spankin' new it doesn't have Word on it. I mean, I have trial software but it expired. DH sent me the info to update it but that didn't work. We were going to do it over Labor Day weekend but our entire household was felled by a cold/sinus thing. As of this writing, I still don't have Word fully installed AND I am getting awful close to querying agents. As in, I'm refining my query letter. EK!

This had better get done this week or I am in deep trouble...

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  1. Try using Goggle Drive. I do all my writing there. The comment feature is great for my notes.