Monday, September 15, 2014

The problem with the plains

I live in a state that has been scientifically proven to be flatter than a pancake. No joke! It was in Time Magazine. Anyway, this has proven to be a problem when the book I wrote takes place in the mountains.

For the most part, life everywhere is the same. I lived in Hawaii as a teenager and people tend to think it was all surfing and days at the beach. Yeah, we went to the beach a lot but I also spent six hours a day in school, had homework, swim team, baby sitting, my mom still had to grocery shop... normal stuff. Yes, we had wonderful weather and lots of sand but life was much the same as it is in the Midwest- school, work, housework, cooking, repeat. My book doesn't deal with life in the wilderness or anything "outdoorsy" that might take place in the woods but I need to picture the town and country in which it takes place.

That can be hard when I so removed from landforms and big, tall, old trees. I rely on Pinterest a lot for inspiration. I doodle what the inside of the castle looks like and how the town is laid out. One of the nice things about inventing a whole country is that I can completely invent how I want it to look and don't have to rely on pre-existing city plans. But I do need to, say, obey the laws of nature and create a realistic city layout. Where I live, everything is flat and modern, since the town really started to grow in the 1960's. The country I invented in much older, so houses wouldn't be laid out in the perfect suburban plan.

It's an interesting quandary but one I'm having fun with!

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